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  NewMentoring Mondays Are Back!


Join us for our Interactive Web Workshops facilitated by Knowinnovation, Ltd., noted creative thinking facilitators, where we will guide researchers to focus on novel strategies and to think creatively about mentoring challenges. The topics of these workshops will be determined by you, the community, to address your specific mentoring needs.


Creative Problem Solving in Mentoring


Andy Burnett

Knowinnovation, Ltd.


Monday, October 27, 2014


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Just as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) leverages past successes to help formalize and standardize your mentoring best practices, creative problem solving provides tools to generate novel ideas for those universal mentoring challenges without a clear solution. 

In this 60-minute webinar, you will:

•       Identify unsolved mentoring challenges

•       Explore the basics of creativity

•       Gain tools to generate novel mentoring ideas


Web workshops held on Mondays at 2pm EST
October 27: Creative Problem Solving in Mentoring

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Previous Events


ASM-LINK Mentoring Mondays "How to..." Webinar Series

Our weekly webinar how to guide to better mentoring. This series was the first step in a progressive, mentor training course. Learn more about Mentoring Mondays at www.ASMLINK.org/mentoringmondays.


Mondays at 12:00pmEST


July 14        How to…benefit from successful mentoring
                    Speaker: Christine Pfund, PhD University of Wisconsin

July 21        How to…integrate mentoring into your research program
                    Speaker: Michael Summers, PhD University of Maryland, Baltimore County

July 28        How to…expand your mentoring strategies
                    Speaker: Keivan Stassun, PhD Vanderbilt University


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ASMCUE 2014 Pre-Conference Workshopasmcue
May 15, 2014  10:00am-3:00pm
Danvers, Mass

Preparing Successful Proposals for the NSF Directorate of Biological Sciences

Click here to access workshop resources

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asm2014 Career Development WorkshopGM
May 17, 2014  8:30am-4:30pm
Boston, Mass


Research Mentor Training: Building and Sustaining the Research Enterprise

Click here to access workshop resources.


May 19-Symposium

Systems Biology meets Synthetic Biology: Harnessing the Power of Biological Organisms for Biotechnological Applications.


May 20-Learning Lab

Adviser, Teacher, or Friend: The Case for Good Mentoring.

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