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ASMCUE®2014 Preparing Successful Proposals for the NSF Directorate of Biological Sciences

Presentation: Workshop slides presented to participants

Additional resources: Packet provided to workshop participants, including NSF review guidelines, data management plans, and practical tools to prepare an NSF proposal


asm2014 Research Mentor Training: Building and Sustaining the Research Enterprise

Presentation: Slide presentation presented to participants, including notes and strategies collected during the workshop


List of evidence-based references to assist in implementing mentor training at your institution.

Entering Research, Course for Undergraduate Research: Balster et al. (2010)

Mentoring Competency Assessment (MCA), Mentoring Evaluation Tool: Fleming et al. (2013) 

Merits of Mentor Training: Pfund et al. (2006)

Randomized Controlled Trial-Evidence for Mentor Training: Pfund et al. (2014)

Resources for Clinical and Translational Research: Pfund et al. (2013), Sorkness et al. (2013), Steiner (2014)

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Research Mentoring: University of Wisconsin-Madison site that provides curricula, assessment tools, and additional resources to help to improve mentoring relationships.


MentorNet: An online e-mentoring network that connects female students in science and engineering with women leaders in the industry.

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Minority Microbiology Mentor (MMM) newsletter: A monthly e-report that provides career and networking tools, highlights research articles published by minorities, and addresses issues relevant to increasing diversity in STEM fields.


National Science Foundation Update: Sign-up to receive email updates from the National Science Foundation, including newsletters, program announcements, and upcoming events 

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