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Bi-weekly one-hour interactive web workshop series designed to give researchers practical tips and tools to incorporate mentoring into their research programs. Topics covered included:

September 15   Voice of Our Students: Perspectives from Mentees on Mentoring Needs
September 29   Mentoring Master Class
October 13        Mentoring: Doing More of What Works Well
October 27        Creative Problem Solving in Mentoring


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Khavong Pha, Graduate Student, University of California Davis
Jordan Mar, Graduate Student, University of California San Francisco
Rodrigo Gonzalez, PhD Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School 
Andy Burnett, Knowinnovation, Ltd.
Duration: 48:47
Web workshop goals
• Hear from trainees and learn what they value in mentoring
• Examine current opportunities and obstacles in mentoring
• Devise a mentoring solution to implement in your lab
• Share perspectives from peer-reviewed reports,
Additional resources: Webinar recap

Beth Lazazzera, PhD, University of California Los Angeles 
Kelly Diggs-Andrews, PhD, American Society for Microbiology 
Rachel Horak, PhD, American Society for Microbiology
Duration: 31:01
Web workshop goals
• Examine case studies of common mentoring challenges
• Collaborate among peers to discuss and solve obstacles in mentoring
• Build confidence and skills to tackle any mentoring challenge
Additional resources:
Video vignettes
Webinar recap
John Cabra, PhD, State University of New York, Buffalo
Andy Burnett, Knowinnovation, Ltd.
Duration: 55:25
Web workshop goals
• Compare the Benefits of Appreciative Inquiry vs Traditional Mentoring
• Learn the 5D Cycle: Define, Discovery, Dream, Design and Delivery
• Identify your Mentoring Positive Core
• Define how you might use it to enhance your mentoring skills
Additional resources:
Webinar recap
Creative Problem Solving in Mentoring
Andy Burnett, Knowinnovation, Ltd.
Duration: 57:34
Web workshop goals
• Explore the basics of creativity
• Leverage creative techniques to address mentoring challenges
• Apply strategies to tackle mentoring dilemmas that remain largely unsettled
Additional resources:
Webinar recap