ASMCUE-LINK Travel Award

Application Deadline:
April 7, 2014
The ASM-NSF Leaders Inspiring Networks and Knowledge (LINK) Program seeks to connect active research investigators and undergraduate educators interested in broadening participation in science and building interdisciplinary collaborations that benefit all partners and contribute to discovery and understanding while promoting teaching and learning.
The LINK Program is specifically interested in supporting collaborations involving trainees and early-career scientists underrepresented nationally in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to succeed in bioscience education, research and careers.
The ASMCUE-LINK Travel Award seeks to:
  • Create and facilitate opportunities for increased exposure to and success in emerging and interdisciplinary areas of the molecular, cellular, and microbial biosciences
  • Identify and build connections between researchers and undergraduate faculty to advance interdisciplinary scientific research and student learning

The program provides up to $1,500 for scientists actively engaged in research to attend ASMCUE. Researchers who wish to identify and connect with faculty (present and future) working primarily with undergraduate biology students (many from community colleges and primary undergraduate institutions) should apply for this award.



Eligible applicants are:
  • Active research scientists engaged in NSF research priorities
  • Active research scientists interested in developing collaborations with undergraduate faculty (present and future)


Deadline for Application:

The application deadline is Monday, April 7, 2014.


Candidates must complete a short online form providing the following information:
  • Contact information
  • Three essays describing: (1) your research focus and team, (2) your vision of broadening participation of underserved populations in science, enhancing the integration of research and education, and improving learning, (3) your interest to collaborate.
  • List of current (since 2009) research activities, including presentations, publications, grants and awards
  • List of current advisees and collaborators, if applicable, and their role(s) and/or contribution(s)
  • Commitment statement for:
    • Participating in ASMCUE 2014 activities (Conference Schedule)
    • Participating in all LINK-sponsored sessions during ASMCUE
    • Exploring and identifying potential collaborations with undergraduate faculty
    • Engaging in an online community with other ASMCUE and/or LINK participants
    • Completing surveys and providing a post-meeting research profile for inclusion in a ASMCUE newsletter


Applicants should complete all sections of the online 2014 ASMCUE-LINK Travel Award Application by 11:59 PST on April 7, 2014. The online form must be completed in one sitting. The process may NOT be started, saved and returned to at a later time.


Online application:

Click HERE to apply.


Criteria for Selection

Applications will be selected based upon:

  • Potential and commitment to broaden participation in STEM research and education
  • Commitment to collaborate in areas with differing disciplinary expertise
  • Potential to network, contribute, and lead


Click here to see the 2013 ASMCUE-LINK Travel Awardees.